What is a #1 realtor®

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Philosophy

"Number One"

These two words are paired and used by many, with very different definitions for each.

For Us, "Number One" doesn't mean having the highest priced listings, or, the highest number of listings.

For Us, "Number One" doesn't mean being one of the most recognized or accomplished personalities.

For Us, "Number One" doesn't mean having the largest team or the most lavish office.

For Us, "Number One" isn't a numbers game.

For Us, "Number One" is giving 110% to each and every client regardless of income potentional.

For Us, "Number One" means sharing with each client enabling an understand of the true dynamics of their individual challenges and goals, and then working with diligence and true passion to deliver - not promises - but rather, results.

For Us, "Number One" means treating each and every client with genuine respect, honesty, empathy, and dignity.

For Us, "Number One" is only acheived by being "Number One" in the eyes of each of our clients.

This is the philosphy on which PadQue of Fort Lauderdale was founded. The philosophy we live and work by each and every hour of each and every day. It's at the heart of everything we do. Being "Number One" in the eyes of each of our clients is our passion, and our mission. 
Tomi Kuczynski, Founder / REALTOR®

Fort Lauderdale Realtor Core Values Core Values | Defining Our Culture, Our Brand and Our Business Practices
Client Value and Service Excellence • We create long-term relationships by being responsive, relevant and informed, consistently delivering value to our clients; always placing our clients and their needs to the forefront in all we do.
Inegrity and Trust • We are ethically unyielding and principled in our business practices, inspiring trust by speaking honestly forthright and candid, matching our behaviors to our words, and, taking responsibility for our actions.
Respect & Humility • We value the strengths, experiences, and perspectives of others. We are committed to partnering effectively with our clients and respected colleagues, to support and guide our clients in realizing their goals for the present and future.
Continuous Innovation • We practice a commitement to proactive thinking and exploration of innovative solutions to further enable our clients needs and goals, and, differentiating our brand and service offering through leading-edge technologies, creative processes and modernist disciplines.
Competative • We honor and embrace the spirit of honest, friendly competition, empowering us in the pursuit of making the impossible, possible.

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