PadQue is Different

Find Out How PadQue of Fort Lauderdale is Different . If you are reading this you’re seriously considering selling your Fort Lauderale area condo, townhome or home. You’ve probably thought about the magnitude of your decision to move. Of course your mind is flooded with questions like "how will I know how much to ask for my home? What happens if I can’t find the right agent? Should I use the agent who lives down the street? What if my home doesn’t sell? What should I do to prepare my home for sale?"

Let’s face it, most sellers wants to get the most amount of money for their home in the shortest period of time. The question is why then do some homes sit on the market for a long time while others appear to fly off of the shelf? We believe it has to do with many agents doing things the same way over and over, with minimal effort. Many agents believe putting a sign in the yard, snapping a few pics on their smart phone and throwing the listing on the MLS is enough.  That's not us.  WE CHOOSE TO BE DIFFERENT!

Understanding and then Educating Our Clients . There are numerous reasons owners wish to sell their Pad, and it is VERY important the REALTOR® you choose understands your personal motivations. You may be seeking to liquidate assets. You may be focused on recovering maximum equity. You may be wishing to relocate closer to family or friends. You may be expanding your family. Maybe it's a change in career. You may have hit some bumps in the road and are trying to avoid foreclosure. The list goes on. For a REALTOR® to understand your needs and future goals can guide a good agent in preparing, pricing and marketing your home properly. Pricing, preparation and marketing and acceptable terms are NOT the same for each scenario.

Home Buyer Internet UsageDid you know: The use of the Internet in the home search process has escalated from 84 percent to 92 percent? Obviously the extend an agent utilizes “new marketing disciplines” is extremely important.

 Did you know: Nearly 50 percent of homebuyers financed their recent home purchase in Florida? Among those who financed, 93 percent financed 90 percent of it. Is your home capable of financing? What about FHA and VA? FHA and VA loans have different criteria than most conventional lenders.

Did you know: Sellers typically sold their homes for 96 percent of the listing price? This number changes from neighborhood to neighborhood. Ask your agent for the numbers on your neighborhood.

Did you know: Assistance with home warranty policies can make the difference in a sale? Offering a home warrantee, costing around $500, can make a buyer feel more confident in purchasing your home over another without one.

Did you know: Most Sellers, at least momentarily, consider selling their home without the use of an agent until they learn the typical FSBO (for sale by owner) home sold for 11 percent less than agent-assisted homes. In Florida, 87 percent of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker.

You may be are wondering why we are sharing this information with you. The answer is because WE WANT TO EDUCATE OUR CLIENTS. Sharing our knowledge, our history and our experiences enable our clients to make informed decisions in accomplishing their goals. Depending on the reason for selling your Pad, some of these facts can be very important to you.

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Best Broker/Brand . Many agents will tout some very impressive information about their brokerage. Charles Rutenberg Realty, Keller Williams, Re/Max, Century 21, Castelli Real Estate, Coldwell Banker, Berkshire Hathaway and the list of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Brokers goes on. So which one is good?

Honesty they are excellent real estate brokers. The problem is, the broker will only be as good for you as the agent who is representing your home. It’s not the broker who will be promoting your listing, it will be the agent. Unfortunately there are duds in every brokerage. Fortunately, there are also extremely dedicated achievers in each of these brokerages as well.

Charles Rutenberg Realty Fort LauderdaleWe proudly work under Charles Rutenberg Realty, a national brand offering some very competitive statistics, just as other national brands. But those statistics are not why you should choose PadQue of Fort Lauderdale or any other agent as your REALTOR®. Again, the broker is only as good to you as the agent who is representing you. WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU SHOULD CHOOSE PADQUE BECAUSE OF OUR BROKER, rather you should choose PadQue of Fort Lauderdale because you trust the extensive skills and top qualifications coupled with the most progressive and innovative marketing disciplines PadQue offers; the ingredients needed to accomplish your real estate goals with the highest level of integrity.

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A Unique Blueprint Where Real Estate Agency Meets Marketing Agency . At PadQue of Fort Lauderdale, our daily passion is in creating unique, responsive marketing reaching multiple audiences to create interest in our real estate inventory. We have established numerous fully customized marketing strategies to pro-actively market your listing, reaching local, national and international audiences.

PadQue Fort Lauderdale Real EstatePadQue is Our Very Own  Baby .  This is not the typical website an agent is given from a broker. This is a completely customized website offering both properties for sale and rent in the Fort Lauderdale area. With convenience in mind, was developed with multiple search capabilities where a user can search by neighborhood, by map, or customize their own search based on their individual custom criteria.

Once a user selects a listing of their interest, they will not only find the typical description furnished on most other ordinary websites, but will also have access to an unlimited number of photos, a prominent list of interior and exterior features, area statistics including average price and days on market, local comparables, Google Street View, and neighborhood demographics, schools and other significant attractions.

As well as being an incredible source for searching available listings with detailed information, a user can locate a list of preferred vendors in the area catering to home improvements, and, get great information on buying, selling, decorating, local topics and how to’s on our custom blog.

You may ask why all this is important. The answer references the requirements of today’s Information Age. Most of us are guilty in some way of hiding behind our cell phones and computers; not wanting to speak with anyone until we decide we are ready. The old “call for more information” has been beat to death. Unfortunately, many real estate websites are developed with the primary purpose of having a user call the office for more information, with the primary intent of “capturing a lead.” This is now about as effective as the sales call to your home. If a user does not find the information they are seeking on a website, they immediately click to another website.

The primary intent of our is to OFFER THE INFORMATION A BUYER DESIRES, CREATE ATTENTION AND TRULY PEAK THE USER'S INTEREST IN A PROPERTY OR PROPERTIES. Once a buyer’s interest is peaked, they are much more willing to speak with a REALTOR®. We are notified immediately via email and text of their name, the listing(s) they are interested  and their contact information, at which time we can then contact the user and begin our process of qualifying the buyer.

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Fort Lauderdale Listing Syndication Multiple Portals for Maximum Exposure . This is a technology based world. From blogging and social media, to extensive web syndication partnerships, Charles Rutenberg Realty’s PadQue of Fort Lauderdale provides optimum exposure for each of our listings, to reach more buyers daily.

With more syndication partners being added all the time, PadQue of Fort Lauderdale has a competitive edge above other real estate professionals. Our syndication partnerships including some of the most powerful real estate networks in the world, offering exposure to hundreds of local, national and international websites, including:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, HomeTourConnect,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Yahoo!,,,,,,

Disclaimer: Websites that download from the MLS are in a constant state of change, beyond our control, however, most are constant. These sites down load from different MLS's, at different times, and in different areas, some are slow to down load, while others are fast. We also have very limited control over the content within these sites. However, most real estate companies do not offer these new bonus sites. We cannot guarantee that your listing will show up on or any of these bonus sites, but your listing should be on most, if not all, plus many more we do not mention.

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Listing Romance .  The description of a property in the real estate business is known as “romance” Unfortunately, many listings are often strongly lacking in this area. It’s very important for the “romance” to not only offer the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but also to FOCUS ON THE GREATEST FEATURES AND AMENITIES OF THE PROPERTY AND COMMUNITY, WRITTEN IN A FORMAT FLUID AND COMFORTABLE TO READ. We’re truly experts in writing incredible “romance,” after over two decades of composing and editing thousands of advertisements, articles, brochures and magazines.

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fort lauderdale real estate advertisingPoint of Sale Advertising . Taking a traditional marketing piece such as the point of sale brochure and creating something new, unique and striking for each of our listings enable us to keep buyers familiar and interested after the showing. When a buyer views your home, they will most likely view another eight to ten listings in the same day. By the end of the day, the buyer’s memory is often blurred. That’s why WE CREATE CUSTOM BROCHURES RICH IN CONTENT AND IMAGES, AND PLACE THEM CONVENIENTLY IN THE RESIDENCE FOR PROSPECTIVE BUYERS TO TAKE WITH THEM. After seeing ten or more listings, we want the buyer to remember your home and the great features and benefits differentiating it from the other homes they have viewed!

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Professional-Quality Photography & Custom Video Virtual Tour . We at Charles Rutenberg Realty’s PadQue of Fort Lauderdale understand your desire to quickly begin the advertising initiatives for your home, but first impressions are key. We need to make your home feel as much as possible like a model home, like one from the pages of a magazine. Even the most gorgeous home can sit without interest if not properly staged and photographed. The problem is often not the home itself, but rather the impression the photos and listing “romance” are making. According to a recent study, homes priced between $200,000 and $1 million sold for an average of $3,400 to $11,200 more than their list prices when quality photography was used in their marketing, and sold 21 days faster than those utilizing amateur photography.

Keep in mind, home staging is not just cleaning up a home or putting on a fresh coat of paint. Staging can dramatically change the appearance of a home, sometimes completely, to make it look more desirable to a wider segment of buyers. That means going beyond tidying up. We will schedule an appointment prior to a home’s photo-shoot to offer ideas and suggestions, including minor repairs and decorative improvements to transform a home into a lifestyle set prospective buyers want to live in – showcasing the positive features, neutralizing and brightening, to present a home in its best and most appealing light. Our goal is to de-personalize, de-clutter and energize a home – giving buyers the ability to creative a positive emotional connection with a home.

If you have viewed listing on the web, you may have noticed a vast difference in the quality and number of photos used. With PadQue of Fort Lauderdale, all photos are of professional quality, taken only after the staging process is completed. Once a property is fully photographed, each photo is manually color corrected to ensure rich, true-color images to properly represent the property’s many features and amenities. You will also never find only a couple of photos in any of our listings. ALL LISTINGS ARE PHOTOGRAPHED TO ENSURE 20 - 30 HIGH QUALITY, VIBRANT IMAGES.

Utilizing the images and video footage of your home and local points of interest, when appropriate  we also  create an exclusive photo video presentation of your home. This production piece is beyond the standard slide show you may have seen. Our presentation includes actual video to enhance the viewers experience, not only exciting them about your home, but about your neighborhood and area points of interest. Wondering how video and still images can mix? Click here to view our custom Welcome to Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Video - 'LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE. '

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TC PadQue Fort Lauderdale Real EstateOur Unique Identity . Reef Cain, Field Operations Manager. You may be wondering what a friendly frog has to do with real estate sales. Our answer is as simple as two words - innovative marketing.  Mascot marketing has been used for decades. From “Tony the Tiger” to the “Geico Gecko,” companies have been creating brand characters and mascots to build a corporate identity and to generate attention for decades. STUDIES HAVE DEMONSTRATED BRANDS UTILIZING MASCOT MARKETING OFFER LIMITLESS OPPORTUNITIES TO DRIVE CONSUMER INTEREST AND RECOGNITION FAR BEYOND STANDARD ADVERTISING METHODOLOGIES. Characters and mascots also help a brand come alive with human qualities of emotion, thought and personality. These human qualities make it easier for a consumer to relate to a brand therefore retaining a longer lifespan in the minds of consumers.

Fort Lauderdale Realtor SignWelcoming Signage . We’ve noted signage creating very bold, corporate statements which can leave an unapproachable impression. We’ve also noted a huge number of real estate signs marketing an agents’ personal images - which can be appealing or uninviting - depending on the viewer. FOR PADQUE OF FORT LAUDERDALE, WE FIND OFFERING INTERESTING, LIKEABLE AND WELCOMING SIGNAGE FREE OF INTIMIDATING COMMERCIAL COMPOSITION AND PERSONAL IMAGES IS JUST ONE MORE WAY WE CAN DIFFERENTIATE OUR LISTINGS.

Our creative signage of course encompasses customary web and telephone contact information, but we never want to rely on asking for a phone call or waiting for a buyer to log-on to the web. So we also include a QR Code for instant access. With any smart phone, a buyer can receive information relating to your property at any time!

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Staging Your Home . Staging, or another term I like to use is merchandising. There is a reason stores spend thousands of dollars on merchandising; to create interest in a product with the end result of making a sale. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money.

Even today, staging is an underutilized marketing tool in the real estate profession as many agents are often too shy to ask a seller to make changes to their home, even though it will most likely result in a dramatic loss in the sales price, a longer time on market, or both. PEOPLE BUY ON EMOTION AND THE FEELING THEY GET WHEN VIEWING A PROPERTY. The importance of setting the stage and creating that emotion for the buyer is huge.

Our staging techniques focus on improving a property’s appeal by transforming it into a welcoming, attractive product that anyone might want. Our primary concerns in home staging are:

UN- CLUTTERING – This home staging tip alone impacts 35% of buyer’s first impressions and is 50% of what sellers can control. Keeping those personal belongings safe and storing them away during the marketing period is primary.

SPACE MAXIMIZATION AND APPEAL – Creating a furniture arrangement that focuses on the best layout of each room and creates an attractive atmosphere can be the difference between “For Sale” and “Sold.” We understand you want to be comfortable, but we also understand you want to sell your home. We will work with you to maximize space and appeal.

ODORS – # 1 condition preventing home buyers from buying – 29% of the reason buyers don’t buy. This is a very sensitive discussion, but as it is critical to the pricing results, we at PadQue will address if needed. Please don’t be offended.

PETS – We understand they are a member of your family and will work with you to keep them and you as comfortable as possible during the selling process. We may make recommendation regarding pet hair, pet odor or other individual circumstances. Again, please don’t be offended. We too are pet owners and love our pets dearly. We may suggest to keep them safe with a neighbor or friend during showings. I have been through many of showings where the dog would not stop barking for the entire time of the tour. Instead of the buyers getting a feel for the home, they hurried through and moved on to the next showing.

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Greater Fort Lauderdale RealtorsMLS Association .The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a great resource for REALTORS® and buyers alike, offering the ability to search homes, condo’s and townhomes on the internet. But did you know there are three different MLS associations in the Broward / Miami Dade area. Choosing the REALTOR® who belongs to the MLS of your area is extremely important. Why? Lets create an example to explain.

Say you list your East Fort Lauderdale home with an agent your co-worker recommended, who’s officed in Aventura. You chose them because of the great results your co-worker had with them selling their North Miami home. Their office being in Aventura seems pretty accessible to East Fort Lauderdale. But unfortunately the agent, because of the primary area they service, belongs to the Miami Association of REALTORS® rather than the Greater Fort Lauderdale REALTORS® association. While your listing will appear for all REALTORS® in each of the associations to see, it will not promulgate to the local Fort Lauderdale REALTORS® websites, only those members of the Miami Association of REALTORS. Another words, YOU WILL BE MISSING OUT ON CONSIDERABLE LOCAL EXPOSUURE. To that end, we do not offer our real estate listing services any further south than Dania. For a seller south of Dania, we feel a REALTOR® who is a member of the South Broward Association of REALTORS® would be a better candidate to handle their listing.

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Negotiating the Offer .There's a lot to consider when presented with an offer on your home. Initially you are seldom presented with the “perfect” offer. Normally the buyer is testing the water. Seeing if you’ll bite at a lowball offer, or terms which make you pause and think twice, even if the purchase price is more than satisfactory.

Of course, at the top of both the sellers and buyers list of importance is the sales price. Understanding where your home falls in terms of value can be determined by reviewing recent comps; recent being within the last six months. Of course, in determining value, you will want your agent to inform you of current inventory levels, most recent sales, actual price versus sales price percentages, and any other market data the agent my feel is applicable at the time. Keep in mind, you may have the most beautiful home on the block, but if the neighbor next door is less than desirable, getting top price will likely never happen. It’s important for you to have an understanding of your home’s comparable value. If you don’t, ask and ask again.

Aside from price, there are several other items to be considered in negotiations. The top of the list includes allotted time for inspections, repair costs, escrow amount, home warrantees, title costs, allotted time for mortgage approval, type of financing the buyer may wish to obtain, and scheduled closing date.

Let’s say you are presented with a full price offer. That sounds incredible. The other terms include a 15 day inspection period with 'easy out,' a 2% escrow, 3% down payment, and request the seller to pay a portion of the closing costs along with a 60 day close.

At the same time, you are also presented with an offer 10% below your asking price, includes a 7 day inspection period, and offers a 10% escrow, a 20% down payment, with a 45 day close.

Of course, you want top price. Even though the first offer is communicating the potential of a weak buyer, you choose to negotiate the first offer due to the higher sales price. After heavy negotiations, the buyers agree to a 7 day inspection period and a 45 day close without any closing costs included. Unfortunately, twenty one days later, you find out they are unable to obtain financing, even though they presented a “Pre-Approval Letter.” They then receive their escrow back as they could not obtain financing. In the meantime, the second buyer has purchased another home, and your home, which has now been off the market for twenty-one days, is still for sale without any interest.


A second scenario is one we were recently a part of. Working with a buyer, we presented an offer which with little negotiation, was accepted. Unfortunately, the inspection brought forth a multitude of needed, latent repairs. When attempting to negotiate, the Sellers' agent without ever speaking with the seller, sternly denied each request/offer we presented regarding the repairs. We cancelled the offer and the home still remains on the market.

An agent can make or break a deal as much as a buyer and seller can. While an agent is supposed to work with the buyer or seller they represent, some choose to go it alone, wanting to prove what an 'expert' they are.

With PadQue of Fort Lauderdale we understand finding common ground takes skill and tactic. We are incredible versed in successful negotiations. With that said, we also understand it is our duty to share with you our experiences and recommendations, to guide you in making decisions which are in your best interest, considering your needs, priorities and objectives, not ours. We will evaluate; we will present facts; we will offer reliable data and history; we will ensure you understand each term of negotiation; and, we will even offer solid advice, but the final decision is always yours.

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So You Decide, Are We Different? Give us a call at 954-566-0355, and let's get your home sold!

how to choose the wrong agent

  • Top Home Seller Mistakes When Selecting a REALTOR®
  • You have come to that time in your life when you will be packing your bags and looking for your next Pad. Part of this process will be picking a great Real Estate agent to work with. Unfortunately choosing the right REALTOR® is an area where many home sellers make a big mistake that leads to disappointment.

    Your REALTOR® is the most important part of your team when it comes to selling your home. He or she will be the link between your home and the housing market, particularly buyers and their agents. Because your REALTOR® can mean the difference between a quick and lucrative sale and a sale that is anything but, you should be exercising extreme discretion in your choice or REALTOR®. Like choosing a lawyer you should be looking for the best possible candidate.

    There is no shortage of options when it comes to real estate agents. choosing the wrong agent is one of the top reasons homes fail to sell.

    Recruiting Family or Friend

    Choosing Family for Real estate
  • The saying that friends and business do not mix is common for a reason, and a real estate transaction is definitely business. You are trying to sell a property for as much as you can in as short a time as you can, and this will require skill and efficiency – things your friend or family member may or may not possess.

    It is not that someone close to you will not do a good job, it is just that you need to screen him or her as you would any other applicant.

    Also, keep in mind that if things do go badly, it could damage the relationship. The tightest bonds can be strained when large amounts of money are involved, and a real estate transaction typically involves a lot of money.

    Choosing a “Yes” Man/Woman

  • Lying Real Estate Agent

    Pricing a home is one of the biggest parts of making a good sale. Unfortunately, you may or may not be looking objectively at what your home will go for in the current market. If you are aiming too high, only a certain type of agent will agree with the price you are setting. REALTOR®s refer to this practice as buying a listing, where an unscrupulous REALTOR® will agree to an unrealistic price simply to land the listing.

    Once your home sits on the market for months, the REALTOR® will then recommend you lower the price to something more reasonable. You will usually wind up getting less than what you could have, and the only person that benefits is the REALTOR®.

    If you are thinking to yourself why would a Real Estate agent knowingly take on a listing that is priced too high and not going to sell, the answer is simple. The agent doesn’t care if your home sells because they will using it to get buyer calls for other properties which they will sell. This is called bait and switch and it is a common practice with some agents who just don’t care.

    Going for the Lowest Commission

    This is another issue with pricing, but this time the problem is with the agent’s commission. It is natural to want to make as much money as you can from the sale of your home. Paying the price for a good agent is an investment in the sale of your home and worth every penny.

  • There is also the fact that you usually you get what you pay for. A well-paid agent will work tirelessly to move your home, while a low-paid one may do little more than throw your listing up on the MLS and put a sign up in your yard. Don’t be shortsighted thinking that by getting an agent to agree to a 1/2 percent lower commission is putting money in your pocket.

    In fact the exact opposite is bound to occur as many buyers' agents will do everything they can to convince their buyer client to purchase elsewhere. They will point out every weakness in your home to the buyer in order to convince them there are better properties out there. All the while doing so because they don’t want to make less money by selling your home.

    Should a buyers agent be steering buyers away from your home because you are offering a lower commission schedule? No – in the ideal world this should not happen as the buyer’s agent shouldn’t be worrying about their own pocket book. This however is not what always happens in the Real Estate industry.

    Remember time is money as well. A fantastic Real Estate agent who knows how to market the heck out of your home is well worth the money you think you are saving. An agent who markets well can easily make up the difference in any commission savings you think you will be realizing.

    Only Interviewing One Agent

    Interviewing Real Estate Agents
  • Only interviewing one REALTOR® is a very common Real Estate mistake. It is human nature to do this especially if you like the person you have decided to meet with and everything they have told you sounds good. You may hear the price you were hoping for and the agent has also explained how they are going to go about selling the home. It all sounds good to you.

    The problem is you have nothing to compare it against. One of the things so many sellers do is assume REALTOR's do the same things to sell a home. This is one of the biggest fallacies in Real Estate and why so many people end up with a second or third Real Estate agent after having no success selling their home. One of the smartest things you can do is to interview at least a couple agents.

    Picking From an Open House

    Open House
  • You may have met the agent at an open house in your area, or you may just be taken in by his or her stories about holding open houses and all of the traffic that is produced. Either way you should be aware that an open house is a very small part of selling a home, and arguably unnecessary. You may be surprised to know that nationally less than 2 percent of all homes are sold via an open house.

    The open house mainly serves to connect the REALTOR® to other prospective clients. The majority of people that come to open houses do not buy. Instead, the agent connects with other people interested in other houses and gets a chance to look busy to his or her clients.

    This is not to say that open houses never work, but have realistic expectations. It is far better for your agent to spend time behind the scenes doing what really moves homes than to be holding an open house every week. Selecting a REALTOR® because you met them at an open house and found you had a good rapport could be one of the worst ways to choose a Real Estate agent.

    They Live in The Neighborhood

    Neighborhood Agent
  • Is it possible that the best possible agent for the job lives right in your neighborhood. Of course but there is a much greater chance they do not. Don’t think that just because an agent lives in the neighborhood they are much better equipped to sell your home than someone who does not. While the agent living in your neighborhood hopefully knows it well that doesn’t necessarily preclude someone else from knowing it just as well.

    There are lots of lousy Real Estate agents that live somewhere – should those home owners who live in close proximity hire them? Absolutely not! Remember selling a home is not location dependent it is about having certain business skills.

Questions? Get them answered.

Give us a call at (954) 603-2340! We would be glad to answer any questions you may have so you can make an informed decision.